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Health Check your body and do not neglect if in your family there are stories of hereditary or chronic diseases. If you are apprehensive or worried about an unexpected condition, a good medical examination will avoid major ills and dissipate your fears.

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Work Still unemployed? The news is good for you if you continue to wait since your efforts will give results.

Money & Career

Do not get impatient, everything will come to your time and although it seems difficult to solve your problems is near. If you have a stable job then do not worry, everything is fine. Money and Luck This is time to save, Cancer. Soon this situation will be overcome and you will have the resources to acquire the desired.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Today's energy could be a trying one for you, because it's all about throwing caution to the wind.

For someone who prefers slower, more measured changes -- or, preferably, the status quo -- this could be rather overwhelming! Do your best to welcome the unfamiliar, even if that means stretching outside your comfort zone.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

You might have to work against your own urge to be in the spotlight, though! But right now, set all that aside. Make an effort to blend in with the group.

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  7. Ask other people for their input, and stay open to unexpected ideas and unfamiliar approaches. Today you want to help others. This can be as small- or large-scale as you want: You might lend a hand to a neighbour, volunteer time at a local animal shelter, or donate money to a global charity. Just make sure you don't get caught up in the details of researching the best way to build a doghouse or the highest-rated charity foundation! It's more important to get involved.

    If you work in a field based on ideas or creativity, expect to get a lot accomplished today. The same goes for hobbies that incorporate intellectual energy, such as reading, writing or creating artwork. Your mind is humming now. Your sense of excitement rises with every unusual connection you make between seemingly unrelated elements. What a pleasure to use your mind like a muscle! Exercise your imagination and see what develops. And that doesn't mean heading up a group and giving out orders! True teamwork means cooperating with a diverse group of people and respecting everyone's input -- even when it comes from someone you'd rather ignore.

    If you push yourself to collaborate on equal terms with everyone, you're likely to find your own judgments of others falling to pieces. Get ready for folks to surprise you!


    Your Horoscope This Week

    There's a wonderfully zany energy at work today. You might wake up feeling excited. Keep that sense of discovery near you as you go about your business. It's more important than ever to embrace unfamiliar ideas and experiences. Proper financial planning will be required to allocate funds correctly under the various heads.

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    Excellent opportunities are set to come your way on the professional front. An argument at home may upset you. Love Focus: A romantic evening with lover is foreseen with candlelight dinner and soft music thrown in! Someone from your generation is likely to give you company today. Steady recovery can be expected by those suffering from an ailment.

    Professionally, you will find things moving your way. Professional commitments may make you neglect love life, so take steps to brighten it up. You are likely to spend an enjoyable time with family today. Official travel may increase and upset your routine, but the returns will be good. Love Focus: It is better to accept your mistake on the romantic front, as it will be found out by lover sooner or later! A planned vacation may get underway and prove lots of fun.

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    A venture others were apprehensive about will prove profitable. You can get ignored on the social front by someone who dislikes you. You will be able to take good care of health by avoiding junk food. You are likely to come into big money through a deal. Someone may grudge you your success and work against your interests on the professional front. Your attempts to get hold of some property may not succeed. An exciting time is foreseen on the social front. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle may become your mantra soon, just to keep fit and energetic.

    Things start looking rosy again on the financial front. Whatever you are trying to achieve on the professional front will be yours for the asking today. Planning something with the family will be more work, than enjoyment. Follow more stories on Facebook and Twitter. Dead rat in mid-day meal sends 9 students, teacher in UP school to hospital. BJP lawmakers get an earful from Rajnath Singh.

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