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Make it happen. Venus enters your most romantic sector on Sunday and helps you invite, deepen, or transition the love you crave. Friday will have you get out of your own way. Shake up the stories in your head with critical awareness, or break the rut.

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Venus lights up your joy and romance sectors on Sunday, renewing you with optimism and confidence for the weeks ahead. Rein it in early this week, Libra, and approach your experiences with a slow, steady style. Friday will help you ask for your desires in relationships. Sunday has you Marie Kondo-ing your living space.

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Give it gratitude, and release it. No Monday blues for you, Scorpio! The moon shines for you this week. Lean into joy and being open with your emotions.

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Friday helps you think about how routine and mindfulness can make you the best version of yourself. On Sunday, Venus lights up your communication sector, helping you find the right language to identify how you're feeling. Friday could inspire some money-related concerns, so be discerning about your spending—especially because Venus enters your income sector on Sunday, blessing you with more wealth and opportunities for abundance this winter!

Leave work early on Monday and socialize! Friday could flare up sensitivities, so process them carefully. You deserve empathy. Venus enters Capricorn on Sunday and begins to magnetize romance, harmony, and love to your heart. Happy birthday, water-bearer! Friday inspires you to approach communication more nonverbally—pay attention to body language, cues, and subtext.

On Sunday a healing Venus transit gives you closure or forgiveness with romantic partners.

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Think B-I-G, Pisces! Make sure your thoughts are high! Friday will help you connect to friends who share the same values you do, and you may even fall for one. I hate to break it to you, but the cosmos have a different plan. On July 2, a solar eclipse in Cancer activates your chart in a major way. Think back to last July and early January: What was happening in your life? Were your navigating a professional transition?

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A breakup? A move?

Take note of how these eclipses have been transforming your life because, by the time they finally conclude in , virtually everything will be different. This is a time for tremendous growth, Cancer love. On July 7, Mercury, the planet of expression, begins a new retrograde cycle. This will encourage you to redefine your value systems.

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You may feel compelled to make a large purchase but resist the urge to pull out your wallet. Our judgment can be skewed when the messenger planet goes reverse.

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If you must throw down your credit card, be sure to save your receipt. This could directly impact your closest bonds, Cancer love. Expect massive shifts in your interpersonal dynamics under this sky.

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Whether the eclipse fuels commitment or closure, remember that this powerful lunation will only ever speed up the inevitable.