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  7. The Tantric Sow Goddess. June 8, Total Views : 9, Tags: hora chart hora of the sun bill gates hora chart of bill gates. Previous Next. Nice explanation of D2 chart with example of Bill Gates. Liked it. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Namaste Varsha, We would suggest you have a consultation with our astrologer. I am trying to calculate my d2 chart for financial.

    Can you tell me where to check? Submit Comment. See More Latest Photos. It is my firm belief that each and every word which sounds same is connected in Vedic Astrology, be it Hora Chakra and Hora Lagna or some other thing. Here in this article I am going to present a novel method of interpretation of Hora chakra and will illustrate how can one predict using Cancer-Leo Hora. However, Here I must reveal to authors that I have my own method of calculation of divisional charts, never revealed till now and I do use that methodology in chart interpretation.

    Hora Lagna - Indicator Of Wealth, Money And Finance

    Here, sage clearly instructs us that. Half of a Rashi [15 Degree] Is a hora and there are in total 24 Horas in 12 signs. This way Aries and other signs repeat twice. In odd signs planets between degree falls in Sun Hora [They interpret it as being in Leo] and planets in degrees falls in Moon Hora [They interpret it as being in Cancer].

    Planets in even signs between degrees falls in Moon Hora [Cancer] and planets between degrees in even signs falls in Sun Hora [Leo]. I am not going into its translation for the sake of simplicity and not confusing the readers. Translation given by Pandit Sitaram Jha is after Sunrise 2. Example native born at Time difference is 2 Hours 48 Minutes.

    Divide this by 60 which will give 2. Add this to longitude of Sun, take this as 2 signs and 8 degrees. As it is a mathematical method no sign will have more than 2.

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    So divide a sign into 9 equal parts. Hence here suppose Sun is in Sagittarius 24 degree.

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    Now 8th degree means 7 degrees have already been passed. So multiply 7 by 3. Add this to longitude of Sun, But see here Sun is in 24 degree. Hence Hora lagna will be at 17 degree of Pisces. It is what is given by Jagannath Hora for this chart. Hence this illustrative method of calculating Hora Lagna can be safely used. Readers must appreciate here that only I have given new and simplified method of calculating Hora Lagna for learners and researchers, rest all other websites [found after google search] gives formula and then tells us to add this in ghati and vighati but none illustrates this as I did here.

    Predictive Hint — Make this Hora Lagna as Lagna in hora chart as well as covert this Hora Lagna into Cancer-Leo hora this will indicate our main flow of wealth, as we will see in example charts.

    How wealthy you will be ?? D2 or HORA chart -- Astrology

    How weekdays are formed, Have you ever asked this question to yourself. See this table here.

    See table now. Make a bhava chakra taking Sun as starting point and this will ease your work.

    How to do a Hora Chart

    This is Hora lagna in his chart too which indicates him as being rich. Mathematical Hora Lagna is at 20 Degree Sagittarius from where Cancer falls in 8th house this made him born in a normal family. Sun is at 11 degrees. See table. Lagna is also in Moon Hora. We see their power in Hora Chakra.

    Lagna is in Moon hora, Moon is in own sign in Hora with mathematical Hora lagna. Hence this indicates potential of being rich. Now see how dasha operated. By he was worth some 4. Lagna is having Taurus Navansha which makes Dwadashottari Dasha applicable. In when his company went public it was Rahu-Saturn.

    However look at Saturn he himself indicates riches. But this time he was going well as Mahadasha lord Rahu is favorable. After that came Mars and Now Saturn both planets in Mercurian Vara Hora but his money is increasing, we can have an exception for Saturn as he himself is well placed in Hora chakra but what about Mars. See his chart Mars is with Jupiter lord of Mathematical Hora Lagna and Saturn is well placed by being in Cancer [Such a beautiful chart indicates riches].