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Your daily tarot card reading for each zodiac sign's astrology horoscope is here for Sunday, April 28, ! Today's numerology brings with it the energy of a life path number 8, The Powerhouse. There are two signals that it's time to take the past and learn from it. The life path number 8 tells a rags to riches story.


The first half of an 8 life path may be laden with poverty or struggle, even lack of opportunity. But during this treacherous time, the life path 8 learns to navigate storms in a way that nothing else can teach. You can't learn about life from a book, you can only learn theories.

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When you've been through the experience, the value of what you learn comes from the spiritual aspect of the experience. You can learn to sense what's coming and to gain insight that helps you survive, and then thrive. The Moon symbolizes dreams, illusions and even enemies. You may have something in your life that is a hidden nemesis of sorts; and that thing could be your thought life. We all have negative messages the play in the background of the mind. The Moon in Pisces brings up energy that involves the Moon tarot, too.

This means that now is a good time to look at patterns that have programmed you to accept defeat or presume failure.

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You are meant for so much more. Retrain your brain to believe so. You'll need to shed some of the old patterns of survival though. Not all are meant for the future.

It's psychic awareness time and this is essential to the next stage of our zodiac season. This is no time to pretend that visions can't eventually become a reality. With hard work, yes, good things can happen, but what about the circumstances that surround your unique situation.

I recently was reading in a book, Pivot , about the power of the mind. The suggestion is to mentally envision what it is that you want, but if you can't then to function as if you are already there. The mind then works out a way to solve the missing part of the puzzle: reality. The rules are meant to be followed but you are ready to break a few for the sake of starting a revolution.

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Put down that dream on paper and pin it somewhere you can read it each day to give you inspiration when you feel like you are ready to give up. You may miss the boat on something and it can feel like a tragedy but what if you were actually given a new shot at life without a burden that you would not have liked to bear?

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Intellect and emotions may not always match and your energy could be better spent doing something productive. Has skills to be a leader of a team, knows how to organize and coordinate actions very well, but also knows how to work well in team in a collaborative way.

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It is diplomatic and persuasive. These two characteristics reinforce the former and make him an excellent boss.

He knows how to solve problems by listening to the various sides of the situation, he knows how to appease and convince with much caution and wisdom. He is a chief admired by his subordinates.

You can do several tasks at once without tiring yourself. It is viewed with admiration by people for their individual abilities. It frustrates easily.

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It is a person with gifts to be very successful, to be a leader, but if this does not happen, if he fails to achieve the professional goals he craves, he gets frustrated and stagnant. Complains a lot. He looks for a defect in every solution and this pessimism bothers many people around him.

It does not support being controlled. He wants to control, wants to be the leader, the commander, when he has to follow rules and norms has difficulty, he feels unmotivated. When it reaches what it wants, it is demotivated. They dream high, they pursue the dream, but when they reach it they feel empty and unmotivated.