March 29 birthday astrology sign

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Taurus star sign. Gemini zodiac sign. Cancer star sign. Leo zodiac sign. Virgo zodiac sign.

Libra star sign. Scorpio zodiac sign. Sagittarius zodiac sign. Capricorn zodiac sign. Aquarius zodiac sign. Pisces star sign. Four zodiac elements.

Ophiuchus zodiac sign. Year: for your star sign. Aries personality traits:.

March 29 Birthday Horoscope

Dynamic, determined and fiesty. Aries negative traits:. Anger, impulsiveness and rash behavior. Aries compatibility :. Aries is compatible with Sagittarius. How to attract an Aries :. Be bold and take risks. Aries' planet:. Taurus personality traits:. Strong, practical and reliable.

Taurus negative traits:. Stubborn, lazy and frugal. Taurus compatibility :.

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Taurus is compatible with Virgo. How to attract a Taurus :. Open your heart. Taurus' planet:.

March 29th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Gemini personality traits:. Funny, curious and kind. Gemini negative traits:. Anxious and indecisive. Gemini compatibility :. Gemini is compatible with Aquarius and Libra. How to attract a Gemini :. Be fun and flirty. Gemini's planet:. Cancer personality traits:. Compassionate and understanding.

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  5. Cancer negative traits:. Sensitive and selfish. Cancer compatibility :. Cancer is compatible with Scorpio.

    March 29 Birthday Astrology

    How to attract a Cancer :. Be honest and sincere.

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    8. Cancer's planet:. Leo personality traits:. Dramatic, confident and fiery. Leo negative traits:. Jealous and too proud. Leo compatibility :. Leo is compatible with Sagittarius. How to attract a Leo :. Leo's planet:. Virgo personality traits:. Loyal and gentle. Virgo negative traits:. Too analytical and rigid. Virgo compatibility :. Virgo is compatible with Taurus. How to attract a Virgo :. Show your genuine feelings. Virgo's planet:. Libra personality traits:. Kind, balanced and gracious. Libra negative traits:. Naive and indecisive. Libra compatibility :.

      Libra is compatible with Gemini. How to attract a Libra :. Be charming. Libra's planet:.